What Does A Building And Pest Inspector Look For

Are you planning on getting a Building Inspection? It’s common to get a building AND pest inspection… ALSO… what about electrical inspection, pool inspection, bore inspection or solar plan inspection? What do these every growing list of inspections in Australia mean? I’ll go through my tips, tricks and traps of the pre-purchase property inspection and cover off on what I do straight after putting a property under contract subject to a building inspection.


Firstly you should attend the inspection and take a few key items which will help you before you settle on the house. Then working out what building inspection report type to consider (i.e. basic structural only inspection or a full defects report). Once this is confirmed, what other inspectors should you consider and when are they important. The cost of a building inspection in Australia is between 0 to 0 depending on the package. Pest Inspections usually are around 0 and electrical inspections about 0.

Then the devil is in the detail, and you need to confirm how the contract is written to determine what type of building inspection should you get. At the same time as the building and pest inspectors (as well as an electrician) are completing their reports. I’ll cover off on what I do to make sure that I am an informed buyer and get the most out of the building inspections.