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About Montessori Education. Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Babies

Babies love to learn! Dr Maria Montessori found that children have an inherent urge to learn and master everything in their environment, almost effortlessly. Given a choice, they will naturally choose activities that stimulate them and meet their unique developmental needs at a given moment.
However, children quickly loose interest in activities that are too easy or too difficult. This means that your job as your child’s Montessori teacher is to carefully observe your child and make appropriate materials and activities available to them at the right time. Through some simple guidelines you will learn to get the most out of your Montessori toys and start your child on the path to being a brilliant baby with a brilliant mind.

Why Start Early Learning?

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential. In the past, some scientists thought the brain's development was determined genetically and that brain growth followed a biologically predetermined path. Now we know that early experiences impact development and influence the way in which the circuits (or pathways) of the brain become ‘wired’.
This is why it is so important for babies to experience, explore, repeat and manipulate materials during infancy and early childhood. They will develop their pincer grasp, their hand to eye ability and ready themselves for the next stage in their development.

What is the Montessori Method?

Montessori is one of the fastest-growing and most popular educational methods in the world today. It began in Italy in the early 1900s by Dr Maria Montessori, a doctor and educator who achieved remarkable results with children by designing an educational program that makes the most of their innate desire to learn.
Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) recognised that education starts at birth and that the first six years, being the most formative both physically and mentally, are the most important. It is during this time that a child's absorption is the greatest, and attitudes and patterns of learning are formed that will last for life. She also noted that a child’s capacity to learn is enhanced by an appropriate environment.
During her forty years of working with children, Dr Montessori discovered insights about the child and human development that continue to be borne out by modern research. The Montessori method of education is now heralded throughout the world for the results it produces with children from all backgrounds.

Click here to watch a very entertaining short video that will give a great example of the differences between Montessori education and conventional education.

Montessori in Australia

If you would like to know more about Montessori education in Australia and access a complete listing of Montessori schools and information about the Montessori method, contact the Montessori Australia Foundation or the Montessori Australia Council

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