Building and Pest Inspector

Building and pest inspections are two of the crucial steps when you are buying a new home. New homes are enormous investments, and such an inspection gives you invaluable insight into the condition of the property, helping you make the right decision.

Building and pest inspection reports look for problems in the property, including structural issues, drainage problems, termite infestations, roof damage, and a lot more. After all, even the most appealing houses may be hiding various problems that may be really expensive to fix. These reports help you avoid those costly repairs by warning you of such problems and saving you thousands of dollars.

Pest Inspections

If you live in Melbourne, we strongly recommend a pest inspection while buying a house since Melbourne is famous for its insect diversity. With a pest inspection, we can identify any pest activity on the property, including the retaining walls, basement, garden, attic, etc. 

Our pest inspectors thoroughly sweep your new home to look for any signs of potential termite problems or areas of damage that may result in pest infestation. Our pest inspection report helps you understand the potential risks of the property. This is important for home buyers in making the right choice.

If the issues are too much, we advise you against buying the property. While small pest infestations and termite damage are easy to deal with, major pest and termite problems can be really expensive and not worth the trouble, especially when you are already paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on the property already.

However, if the issues are not major, you can avail of our termite treatment solutions to get rid of termites and pests on the property. We offer various options for termite treatment services, like pest control, termite barrier treatment, termite baiting system treatment, and much more. Choose the termite treatment option that suits you best to curb termite activity.

Termite & Pest Inspection Cost

For a small price of the termite inspection report, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on your property by avoiding termite and pest infestations. With the termite inspection report, you receive findings of the areas, high-risk factors, and recommended treatments. Termite inspections cost start from about AUD 250 and go up to AUD 500 depending on the size of the property in Melbourne.

Termite Treatment Cost

What if you really like the property but the report flags termite infestation—should you avoid the property? Not always, thanks to our cost-effective pest control solutions and pest management systems. Termite infestations vary in severity, and most can be dealt with termite treatment options at really affordable rates. 

 If the termite infestation in the property you want to buy is not severe enough, we can carry out termite treatments, like pest control or termite barrier treatment, to get rid of the termite infestation. Our pest control and termite treatment cost are between AUD 300 to AUD 600, depending on the extent of the infestation. However, baiting termite treatment cost can be much higher at AUD 2,000 to AUD 3,000. So, don’t worry, in most cases, our termite management system and treatments can make your home as good as new!

What Does a Building Inspector Check?

Along with termite inspection, we also recommend an inspection of the property in Melbourne. During a building inspection, the building inspector assesses the structural integrity of the property. They carry out a meticulous inspection of the property and analyse the structure of various components, like footings, stumps, drainage, sheds, sub floors, roof space, etc., for damaged areas, safety hazards, moisture damage, or leaks. 

Our inspector helps you understand how strong the building’s structure is and if there are any faults in the building. For instance, many old buildings have a weak ceiling area with cavities, which may leak in the next few years; yet, the ceilings look perfect to the naked eye. We can help you find such subtle, hidden problems. We can then help you make the decision of investing in the property. 

As mentioned above, buying a property is an expensive investment, and a lack of structural integrity can be really expensive to repair. Our building inspectors can help you avoid sunk costs by helping you pick only the house that is strong and clear of any structural defects.

How Much Does a Building Inspection Cost?

Our inspection service costs depend on several factors, the biggest being the size of the property. However, on average, building inspections costs start at AUD 250 to AUD 300 for small apartments and go up to AUD 400 to AUD 500 for bigger houses.

Every house is unique, from its floor plan to the construction materials used. Contact us to know the exact price of inspection service for your homes. We will give you a competitive quote for services after understanding your requirements and the building’s condition.

We recommend homeowners carry out a building and pest inspection service for the new property you are planning to buy and on your old home. This is a must in your pre-purchase checklist. For a small price of these property inspections, you will gain peace of mind, and in the worst-case scenario, you will save thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Our pest control professionals and building inspectors work closely together to inspect your home, and the entire process does not take more than 90 minutes! So, contact us today to have your property inspected for pests, termites, and structural damage.